Club Awards 2023

We’re delighted to have held our second annual Torfaen Dolphins Triathlon Club Awards to celebrate the achievements of our members.

This year, we had 8 awards, 6 of which were open to members to nominate another member in recognition of their contribution to the club over the last year.

Club Contribution Award - Keith Nash

This person was nominated by so many of you in the club. Described as welcoming, helpful, a personal example, one in a million and the very epitome of club spirit.

Everything they do is for the club. They are always there for anybody and everybody. An all-round great person, offers great support to new members in particular and continues to role model the values needed in the club.

Not only do they offer plenty of great advice and make a real effort in cheering on other members, when not participating themselves, they also give up their time for the club every week, organising and leading some of our club sessions.

A true clubman and a real good captain!

Newcomer of the Year - Laurie Klimowich

They have shown commitment to the club and are enthusiastic in everything they do. They are very friendly and great at rgansiing and getting people involved.

They have fully embraced Torfaen Tri and thrown themselves into all aspects of the club. A great member who is willing to give back more than they take.

Having shown great commitment in their training, they have improved so much across all 3 disciplines and are even taking on the mighty Ironman challenge next year.

Comedy Award - Sean Clarke

We had loads of nominations through for this one as I’m sure you can imagine. From sunglasses down portaloo toilets and many videos of bike fails to finishing the bike leg one lap too early and coming into transition in record time.

They are a great source of entertainment, bringing laughter to every training session and each event, whether participating or spectating.

They are the life and soul when we are together as a group, and even more so when teamed up with their side kick, Ieuan.

They never fail to make everyone laugh and many of the nominations said explanations weren’t even needed for this person.

For happily being the joke of the group, questionable clothing choices (or lack of) and the standard pose for any photo! As they say themselves, “You’re either laughing with me or laughing at me. Either way, you’re laughing”.

Best Female Athlete - Tracey Baker

They have performed exceptionally well all year round, representing the club in many events with great success but they continue to be very humble despite this.

Their running pace is amazing and keeps pushing myself and others in our training.

A great all-round athlete, they have smashed several races this year, across all disciplines, including one of the toughest marathons around and completing the

Long Course Weekend bike, despite not favouring the bike.

They are always encouraging during training sessions and they are definitely someone I aspire to.

They continue to push themselves to achieve the best they can - shown all the more from them representing GB in Duathlon for their age.

A real inspiration to the club!

Best Male Athlete - Chris Fernandez-Howells

Having battled a few injuries to make a come back, they have dedicated themselves to training and have excelled in their performance this year.

An exceptional runner, a beast on the bike, they have continuously improved their swimming and I know they were over the moon with their swim time at IMW.

The commitment they have displayed shows others what it takes and has led them to a PB at the Cardiff half marathon and their first Ironman event.

An outstanding performance in Ironman Wales this year, with a time of less than 12 hours was absolutely

incredible – and they beat Shane Williams! Enough said really!

So if you haven’t guessed it already.

Coach of the Year - Ray Morgan

Their knowledge, skills and attitude are what help people improve so much.

They are an incredible coach who gives up a hell of a lot of their own time to coach us. They really show their quality coaching skills in their sessions, putting in so much work to make the club a success.

They’ve helped members’ swimming go from 0 technique to, in their own words, ‘nearly able to swim’ and another member has had a noticeable improvement in their technique since being under their tutelage.

As far as well thought out sessions and useful tips are concerned, they’re at the top of their game. Their sessions are well planned and they are a great support for all of the coaching team keeping all the coaches organised throughout the year.

Everything they do is much appreciated and we are very lucky to have them at the helm.

Most Improved Award - Paul Edwards

Their swimming continues to improve and they are always keen to take on board feedback.

Their bike skills have also improved with their running hitting a peak this year with a recent Parkrun PB – knocking an amazing 1.5 minutes off their PB.

They are still very new to the sport, but have done so well at multiple events this year and we all look forward to seeing what’s in store for them in 2024.

Hero of the Year - Sean Clarke

Battling the cycle of the Long Course Weekend route in Tenby is bad enough. Made only worse by having a fellow cyclist collapse and fall off their bike right in front of you. Stopping to help and needing to give CPR to the cyclist, it was only right that this award goes to Sean. He’s always there to help others – no matter the cause. Congratulations Sean – we’re so proud to have someone like you in the club with us!