End of season report - Dafyd Jay

I began my season in March, by competing in mumbles duathlon with it being a tough first race, I managed 4th place. My aim for the season was to podium overall at the Welsh Triathlon Super Series (WTSS).

In my first 2 races of the series, one of which was my first ever Olympic distance, I managed to collect two 3rd places. Unfortunately, I was unable to compete in my 3rd WTSS race due to a strain in my chest which affected my breathing.

This in turn would mean I was unable to challenge for the overall series, however, I was still hopeful I’d be able to achieve my season goal of finishing on the podium with a strong performance in the final round at Llandudno.

Without what seemed to be any luck going my way, I managed to claim another 3rd place and finish 3rd overall in the series.

After a long and tough season travelling all around the country, it’s time for some rest before getting back into training for bigger thing’s next season.