Race Report: Aberavon Aquathlon

Starting photo of event

It is 4pm and registration opens for the second Aberavon Aquathlon. Emma Price Stephens is the first to arrive to collect her number followed by Sarah M and Claire, who didnt waste time getting themselves in the restaurant to order a steak dinner one and a half hours before the event. Emma on the other hand settled for a brew and biscuit. Jane and Michael, as calm as always, arrive to collect their numbers to join everyone in the restaurant.

During the hour and a half lull Sarah and Claire are questioning whether anyone would notice them not competing, as they have the t-shirt already. Good thinking ladies but loyalty from the club members would dob you in. haha! Thirty minutes before the start and bodies are starting to be squeezed into the wetsuits, with Sarah placing her goggles upside down on her face, Claire with the chip on the wrong side of her ankle, Emma STILL squeezing into her wetsuit, Jane sorting the bags to pass to Emma's parents and Michael larving up in lotion, they all certainly looked the part!

Finally they take the walk to the start. Michael and Emma at the front ready for Wave 1. Michael making friends with other athletes while Emma is standing on the ledge to get a little taller to see over everyone and listen to the safety briefing. HORN blows and they are off...Michael leading the way into the choppy sea shortly followed by Emma. Michael is first male out the water and Emma the first female as they approach the 5km run. The run is a beach front run with many spectators supporting at every step of the way. Sarah is the next lady out the water, followed by Jane then Claire.

Great swim by everyone considering the choppyness of the sea! Michael is the first male to complete the Aquathlon with tough competition. Emma dropped to 4th position. Whereas Jane gained pace on the 5km run finishing well ahead of time, followed by Sarah and then Claire. Overall the event is well organised with an amazing team of volunteers. The goodie bag is good too. Well done to; Claire, Jane, Emma, Michael and Sarah you done yourselves and Torfaen Tri Club proud.